Thursday, January 30, 2014


While Transformers celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, I've started my collection just a shy 10 years ago. Most people or collector started with The G1,G2 or during that period the Beast Wars/Machine or The Cybertron. Quite awkward , I started with something that doesn't exist in the cartoon series. the Alternators. It is Takara and Hasbro realistic approach to make ordinary road cars transforms. It didn't caught a lot of attention that time in Malaysia. That why I got both s this car just only RM50.00 each rather than the normal RM100.00 that time. Since that times my plan to get married is canceled, I need something to cheer me up. First Sony Playstation 2 (Thank you Haji and Roni. Still owe Roni RM30.00 for the PS2)and second this to start what I have dream during my childhood.Le me cleared this up, CD hunting just a side hobby.
The first this Dodge Ram SRT-10 pick-up. The fastest production pick up truck in the world that time (I guess until now). The pick-up truck called Nemesis Prime (evil black Optimus Prime). I can't remember if there is any cartoon character that is appeared as Nemesis Prime until 2 years age during Transformers Prime Season 2 where Silass create realistic Nemesis prime. There is a resemblance character in G1 but that is Motormaster (Stunticons Leader which Optimus Prime camouflage as him) and Night Watch Prime whick Optimus Prime changed into dark blue colour during night attack.

But I think the best thing about it is the detail. Just like the real one. Included inside with seat, steering and dashboard.Even the plate number almost real. The tyre was rubber made with Cybertron carved at it like Michelin or Dunlop. when I bring this two home during that time at Pasir Gudang, all my friends quite shock but understand my situation that time." I'm still healing from my wound". Hahahahahaha. The main issue is when took them to Pontian to see my parent. The first thing my mothe said was "Tak jadi kahwin jadi budak-budak balik".I replied with"Abis duit nak buat apa?I know I won't get marry so soon. Almost 5 years then I got married with my current tremendous wife.  It quite difficult to make sense with my family that time. Even my sister said"teruk betul frust abang aku nie" untill one night one TV3 shows a highlight of a International toys fair in Japan.

And this robot is the centre of the main attraction. People surrounded him to take picture. After that then they realized and understand that I'm therapy very well. it still difficult to find this black one in the market. The red colour one (Optimus Prime) is not that difficult and expensive(starts afrom RM100.00. I also have the red one. But this one, even the loose one gonna cost at least RM200.00 to grab. And this is the Hasbro version made entirely with plastic. The Takara version (made with cast iron) gonna cost more than that. Even the red one starts at RM400.00

The other is this Zek Zaidi Wrangler Jeep. It is called Swindle. One member of the original combaticons. Even the G1 character is using this Jeep as his vehicle mode.

Same with the Nemesis Prime, the attention for details is unquestionable. It also comes in red colour(forgot the name) and green(autobot Hound). They don't make this alternator anymore. The latest one under the alternity label which is quite smaller. But they made Nissan GTR. Damn!!!! I only got 4 alternators.

The Primes (red and black), this Swindle and Mirage(ford GT). You can get others car like Jaguar XJR,Toyota Scion,Subaru Impreza(many models), Honda Civic(Euro Specs),Corvette, Honda S2000,Ford Mustang and many more but no Megatron. Hope all of them made an appearance this weekend at Genting  because there are one of the rarest and most difficult to see nowadays. Even I only seen what mine only with my own eyes. It almost like hopping an appearance of Beasty Boys in a Linkin Park concert. Anyway, this how I started 10 years ago. Begins with a heart break healer and now make you addicted but a good addiction.No nafkah anak bini is harmed during this programe.

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